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A reoccurring idea:

White sands with no end; a sunny day with no wind.

You firmly planted in my hands.

Christ, oh Christ, reveal the secret of your device to me.

If I pin myself to planks will I receive attention now denied to me?

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- Ran into Charlotte in Back Bay. Nice surprise.
- Lady on Newbury asked me if my urban outfitters trash sack dress was Helmut Lang. Dope.
- Ate a quart of watermelon chunks.

Work is for fools, and let’s be clear:
Life has three rules.
Three rules to keep head above water.
No needles. No babies. No jail.
Avoid Dangerous people and places.
Don’t drink from still waters
no matter how good it tastes there.

William Kennedy - End of a Year

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Cap’n Jazz - Little league 

hey coffee eyes, you got me coughin’ up my cookie heart. making promises to myself. promises like seeds of everything i could be. hey, Ringwald haze. we’re using bruises too loosely in a haste to lose me. and i’ve given all i could give. we live in quick flips, slips, tips, and taps to snap us outta these statue traps. and i’ve taken all i could take. hey ring walled haze. we’re using judo like bruce lee in a haste to bruise me. and i’ve given all i could give, i’ve taken all i could take. i’ve pushed all that i could push, and pulled all that i could pull. thin kids get a skinny neck hex, heads hang heavy. and kitty cat, i’m feeling heavy. museum mouth, museum mouth, my how you’ve misused me.

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