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my personality summarized:

"You’re one of the most annoying people I’ve ever met and for some reason you are also one of very few people who DON’T annoy me. It’s so weird."


False Jesii Part 2 - Pissed Jeans

I could put on a tight black shirt, but I don’t bother
I could hit the gym so it looks real nice, but I don’t bother
I could tell a joke and make the whole room laugh, but I don’t bother
I could show up with the coldest six pack, but I don’t bother

No to everything 

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holy shit your art is amazing!
- sharkstile

Dude, thanks! I never do anything with it. I’m learning how to draw on computers now, so that I can be a sellout square. I appreciate this, thank you.

Things Fall Apart - The Suicide File

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Today I walked by a gaggle of fashion dorks and everyone in their group was dressed head to toe in black and my immediate thought was, “ugh god are you going to a fucking funeral or what twats” and then I realized that I looked exactly like them and it was the shittiest self reflection moment heart 2 heart

still not wearing anything else either, hella ineffective 😕